Piney Naude, South Africa

When Piney decided to purchase a new parlour, he made sure that he had done his homework before his final decision. The decision was not based purely on price, but also on reliability of the product, professionalism from the sales people, quality of product, functionality of product, maintenance costs and after sale service offered by the dealer.

Piney decided to install a DeLaval PR2100 50pt Rotary Parlour with full Alpro Herd Management equipment. The design and functionality of the DeLaval equipment really appealed to him. The services offered by DeLaval and the local dealership Streamline Milking Services, regarding the design and layout of buildings, handling facilities, as well as manure handling gave him great confidence in the team he would be associating with. Both parties were also involved in the consulting engineering and overseeing the entire project. It was as a result of this extra service offered by both DeLaval and the local Dealer that he felt he was on the winning side.

Piney believes the equipment on the rotary is the best in the world and adds to his farm success with his milking herd. The Alpro Herd Management is critical on all large herd farms and he praises it for its accuracy and user friendliness. Reports from the system are easy to read and quick to access The Alpro Herd Management system makes life easy to make decisions about his herd on many different levels but also down to simple daily cow decisions Most importantly he says, is that the training and support he receives on an ongoing basis is excellent.

The ease that the labour and the animals integrated onto the rotary and worked with the system was overwhelming to Piney. The system is incredibly gentle to the cows and safe for both cows and labour. The DeLaval PR2100 is easy to clean, easy to operate and has great safety features. Piney also believes that the crowd gate and sorting gate are as important as the rotary itself and he does not know how a farmer could not have them in parlour.

From his point of view, there is no other company that can offer and provide a full package of this quality at comparable pricing as DeLaval.

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Piney Naude, South Africa

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DeLaval PR2100 50pt Rotary Parlour with full Alpro Herd Management equipment.

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