DeLaval VMS hits the 5000th sales mark

This week DeLaval produced its 5000th Voluntary Milking System (VMS) -the fully automated milking robot that provides dairy farmers around the world with a new balance between a more profitable business and enhanced lifestyle. The 5000th milestone reflects the interest and demand for automation in the dairy industry.

A change in lifestyle, a higher milk production level and the peace of mind it brings knowing that “a milker” is always there, around the clock. Thousands of milk producers credit the VMS in helping them boost profitability and efficiency while freeing them from the strenuous chore of twice-a-day milking. 

Anton Bauer, a 33-year-old farmer from Wernberg, Southern Germany, is the VMS customer 5000th and he is ready to install his two new robots. The reason behind his decision to invest in automation is similar to most farmers who are in search of better lifestyle and control. “I’m looking forward to the change VMS is going to bring to my business and my life. I will now focus on herd management, breeding and nutrition rather than milk extraction. And the shift to an ‘office-hour’ schedule is going to mean that I can spend more time with my family,” he said.VMS milk producers also see a huge plus in the benefits of monitoring parameters like quarter flow rate, milk volume and cell count on a touch-screen. 

“Farmers around the world have adopted VMS at a record breaking pace. We credit this success partly on the unique design of VMS but mostly on how well this design has met or exceeded ourcustomers’ expectations,” says DeLaval Vice President Milking Systems Andrew Turner. The DeLaval VMS 2009 has just hit the markets. According to Turner, it brings yet another round of enhancements with more than 30 new features improving user friendliness, overall performance and safety. With energy consumption at an all time low, ranging between 15 and 25 kW per ton of milk, VMS is one of the most cost efficient milking systems in the world, capable of harvesting 2000 to 2500 kg of milk per day. 

Dairy producers’ future is defined by scale and efficiency; DeLaval believes that integrated automation is the answer to enhanced profitability, lifestyle and consumers’ growing demands for food quality and safety. The 5000th milestone comes at the heels of the celebration of the VMS’s 10th anniversary servicing dairy farmers. The first units sold are still productively operating and regular upgrades have been available over the last decade. 

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